By Sandra Opielka

about us

Our goal at minna stoneware is to try and introduce as many people as possible to this amazing handcrafted kitchen utensil, as we truly believe it livens up any kitchen and makes cooking with fresh (and dried) ingredients so much easier.

Its functional and aesthetic design uses our patented groove technology to help you grate, puree and grind without any risk of injury. It's a hassle free multifunctional kitchen appliance that helps you cut down that prep time. Quick to clean and dishwasher friendly, made with durable stoneware ceramic and toxic free glaze.
We work with highly skilled ceramicists who are able to ensure our graters are made to the highest standards. Stoneware ceramic guarantees long term durability and we want our products to be a long term solution to everyone's cooking needs. Providing the customer with a buy once product is paramount to our sustainable ethos at minna.